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American Society of Concrete Contractors

Company Description

American Society of Concrete Contractors

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) is a non-profit association developed by concrete contractors for concrete contractors to provide a unified voice for the industry.

Since its beginnings, the ASCC has grown to represent approximately 750 companies worldwide, providing unmatched support for industry knowledge, best practices and recognition. Members of the ASCC represent concrete and general contracting firms, manufacturers, suppliers, designers and other concrete industry professionals both in the field and in the office.

This powerful organization remains committed to helping concrete contractors improve their businesses and their roles as contractors by providing the tools to grow business and provide the highest quality product. 



Contact via Email:
Job Location:
St. Louis, MO, United States
Primary Category:
Construction Management
Secondary Category:
Professional/Office Management/Other
Job Type:
Full Time
Last Modified:



Full-time Technical Director wanted for national concrete construction organization. 

Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Oversees all technical activities of the organization including supervising 1-5 additional technical personnel
  • Candidate will have extensive knowledge of concrete, concrete construction, concrete design, testing/inspection and general construction.
  • Must be able to answer/research technical questions
  • Speak at industry events
  • Write and edit technical articles and other documents
  • Oversee research projects
  • Actively participate in ACI committee work and document review
  • Minimum of five weeks of travel per year

Optional remote location

Reply to: bgarnant@ascconline.org

American Society of Concrete Contractors, St. Louis, MO





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