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Michael Latas & Associates

Company Description

Michael Latas & Associates - Executive search and recruiting firm in the construction industry

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United States, ALL
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Construction Management
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Professional/Office Management/Other
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Full Time
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Michael Latas & Associates

Executive Search and Recruiting Firm

Michael Latas & Associates is a unique, full-service executive search and recruiting firm. Our roots developed in the construction, architectural & engineering industries.

Our firm is organized by division, with each working exclusively within a specific field of expertise. Our staff will understand your needs, your industry and your language – saving you time and reducing frustration.

Our focus is on providing long-term solutions for your professional level needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Customer focus is the reason we have been known for our integrity and professionalism since we were founded in 1975.  After more than 40 years, we have a proven track record and results you have come to expect.

We Recruit...Hard

We Construct Your Team

Contact Us:  Email: latas@latas.com / Tel: 307-365-6620 





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