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Company Description

Limbach Holdings, Inc.,is an integrated building systems solutions firm whose expertise is the design, installation, management, service, and maintenance of HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and control systems.

We engineer, construct, and service the mechanical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, building automation, electrical and control systems in both new and existing buildings and infrastructure. We work for building owners in the private, not-for-profit, and public/government sectors.

Limbach Company Locations Includes: Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh), Eastern Pennsylvania (Warrington, PA), New England (Wilmington, MA), Ohio (Columbus OH), Michigan (Pontiac MI), Southern California (Seal Beach, CA), and Mid-Atlantic (Laurel, MD). Harper-Limbach Locations Includes: Orlando (Lake Mary FL) and Tampa (Tampa FL)

Since founding, our commitment to safety, advanced technology, human development, and reliable execution has enabled us to attract and retain the industry's top leadership talent, skilled craftspeople, and professional management staff.

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Job Location:
Seal Beach, CA, United States
Wilmington, MA
Laurel, MD
Warrington, PA
Columbus, OH
Pontiac, MI
Lake Mary, FL
Tampa, FL
Pittsburgh, PA
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Full Time
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 Why Limach For Your Career?

Limbach’s primary core value is we care. We care about:

Providing Great Opportunities, Stability,

Employee Health and Safety,

Work-Life Balance and Work that We Do 


Internships with Limbach can lead to careers with Limbach. Approximately 80 percent of students who intern with us return to become full-time employees. That's because time with Limbach allows our interns to recognize us as a company that cares about its workers' continued growth and development.

We're one of the largest mechanical systems solutions providers in the country, and our national footprint allows people to find jobs close to home at one of our many branch offices. We realize that life goes on outside of work. Limbach wants our employees to like what they do and have time to enjoy their lives when they leave the office.

Even if your internship with Limbach only lasts a semester or a summer, it could be the gateway to a profession that lasts a lifetime.

Click Here To Apply: https://www.limbachinc.com/careers/interns

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