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Water Quality Director
Wake County NC

Company Description

The Wake County Environmental Services Department consistently functions at a nationally recognized level. We are comprised of five Divisions consisting of Administration, Animal Services, Environmental Health & Safety, Solid Waste and Water Quality. We sustain success by consistently hiring the best and brightest of well-rounded individuals. Our Department embraces diversity and collaboration and fully support the opportunity for leadership to occur at all levels within the Department.

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Job Location:
Raleigh, NC, United States
Primary Category:
Secondary Category:
Civil Engineer
Job Type:
Full Time
Last Modified:
$115000.00 - $135000.00  year


As the Water Quality Director, you will provide collaborative leadership for an award-winning Water Quality Division which is one of five divisions within a nationally recognized department. An example of some of the strategic initiatives that are currently evolving include the following:

  • One Water Initiative – The One Water Concept centers around the belief that all water, regardless of its source should be actively managed. Wake County is advancing several initiatives that support this philosophical approach to managing a limited natural resource. This is a critical approach to sustainability given that the county’s current population of 1.2 million residents is projected to double within the next 30 to 40 years.
  • Water Partnership – The Wake County Water Partnership provides expertise and guidance on water-related issues in our community. Its mission is to facilitate collaboration to promote leadership in water management and sustainability and promote health by providing high quality water throughout Wake County. 
  • Groundwater Resource Assessment – The Division has contracted with the United States Geological Survey to complete a five-year groundwater resource assessment. Upon completion of phase-1, Wake County will collaborate with the municipal water providers during phase-2 to develop a 50-year water supply plan for the County. This effort will ensure a sufficient supply of clean water, regardless of where a resident resides in the county.
  • Comprehensive Stormwater Approach – The County is currently evaluating this program through a pilot study. The point of emphasis is that water does not recognize boundaries such as those that separate municipalities, counties, or states. Stormwater can best be managed from a broader perspective that evaluates what is occurring at the watershed and sub watershed levels.
  • Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA) – Wake County is an active member of the UNRBA. On March 17, 2021, the Board of the UNRBA voted unanimously to invest a combined $1.5 million each year in water quality projects and activities to reduce nutrient contribution from urbanized land in the Falls Lake watershed. The agreement marks another milestone in the group’s efforts to protect Falls Lake’s long-term ability to provide safe drinking water, wildlife habitat, and recreation.

You will collaborate with and make presentations to elected leaders and community groups about our various efforts related to water quality and water quantity. Beyond that, you will be actively engaged in various process improvements that focus on refining operations that enhance the customer experience while linking operations and fiscal accountability at a nationally recognized level.

Essential Functions:

  • Manages sections, managers, and staff to complete plan reviews, site review, design reviews, inspections, and enforcement that is timely, accurate, and seamless. This involves directing staff in reporting, process development, process improvement, staffing, and training. Leads significant changes to improve performance.
  • Oversees mandated monthly and annual reports and correspondence for information requests, violations or reviews. Presents proposed ordinance changes or other proposals and recommendations to Wake County Board of Adjustment, Wake County Planning Board, Wake County Environmental Services management, Wake County Human Services Board and Wake County Board of Commissioners as needed.
  • Develops the Division business plan, strategic plan. and budget in coordination with other agencies within Wake County Government and within the Environmental Services Department to ensure optimal alignment of County resources. Develops, executes and administers the Division business plan and other process improvement efforts including administration of a detailed budget for all program areas. Manages the staff and budget to execute the business plan, reporting to the Environmental Services Director and in consultation with stakeholders and other County agency heads.
  • Leads collaboration in intergovernmental efforts for long-term management of the County's groundwater, surface water, and wetland resources. Consults, organizes, develops, and facilitates stakeholder groups to formulate and implement plans for watershed improvements and monitoring for future pollutant loadings and public health benefits. Work with Federal EPA and State Department of Environment and Natural Resources to coordinate programs and funding to achieve common goals in watershed protection. Flood and Floodplain management to reduce negative effects of disasters.



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