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Head of Communication and Public Relations

Company Description


Dragados is an international contractor established in 1941 that specializes in major infrastructure projects, including bridges, roads and highways, tunnels and underground projects, buildings, energy and environmental infrastructure, dams and hydraulic works worldwide. Dragados is the construction arm of ACS Group, one of the leading infrastructure developers in the world with presence in more than 40 countries, ranked No. 1 on ENR’s 2016 Top 250 International Contractors list.

Dragados’ success and future depends on attracting, developing and retaining diverse and skilled talent. We believe that our company’s achievement begins with great employees. Dragados began U.S. operations in 2005 and 2008 in Canada. Strategic partnerships with Schiavone, Picone, Pulice, J.F. White and Prince enhanced Dragados ability to complete large scale projects, using the latest technologies to resolve technical challenges.


Corporate Headquarters:

810 7th Avenue, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10019

Main Office: 212.779.0900


www.dragados-usa.com          www.dragados-usa.com/career

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Overview Manages and coordinates employee, community, and public relations activities for an organization.Manages and administers the presentation and representation of the organization to employees, the general public, customers, and shareholders. Plans and implements public relations programs designed to create and maintain favorable public image for the organization. Develops and maintains comprehensive social media strategies that define how social media marketing techniques are to be applied to increase visibility and traffic of company brands, products, and services, utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Heads and coordinates the development of organization-wide social media management standards, policies, and rules of engagement for social media, and plans campaigns to make full use of the strategies to market company products and services. Manages and defines a plan for social media profiles and social media administered sites, and analyzes what content is performing well and how it could be improved. Typical Functions Develops and produces publications, brochures, and press releases and articles to define the corporate identity to employees, customers, and the broader community. Directs or participates in the writing, editing, and publishing of organization publications. Assists in drafting of the annual report, financial statements, financial advertising, and other stockholder materials. Organizes and carries out events to promote employee morale and community goodwill, such as speeches, tours, exhibits, etc. Assists organization personnel in writing of speeches, letters, and articles which are to be made public. Manages the flow of information to and from the press and other communications agencies. Cultivates and maintains relationships with editors, reporters, partners, customers, and investors. Works in concert with upper management in setting the short- and long-term strategic objectives while providing the manpower necessary to achieve profits, growth, or other goals of the organization. Conducts research on issues of concern to employer. May arrange interviews between the organization executives and the media. Interprets site analytics, researches target demographics, defines key performance indicators, and implements enterprise level measurement, analytics, and reporting methods to gauge success. Mentors and provides training to communication and management professionals throughout the organization on best practices for creating, managing, monitoring, and developing content for social networks. Explores and identifies ways to integrate social media into business strategies and marketing campaigns. Works with administrators, executive management, marketing managers, web analytics team, and other communications teams to coordinate projects and establish and enhance a content marketing strategy. Applies marketing research and development methods to learn and understand current and emerging social media trends and technologies. Documents financial details and creates budget plans for the utilization of social media. Education and Technology Requirements Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations or Government Affairs required. Master’s degree a big plus 10+ years of experience in communications, public relations, social media strategy for a construction, engineering or large size general contractor required. Advance working knowledge of MS Office, Social Media and Webpage design and implementation. Bilingual in Spanish preferred but not required.
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