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Mechanical Systems Inspector -- Job ID#: 343086

Company Description

NYC PARKS & RECREATION - www.nyc.gov/parks 

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Job Location:
New York, NY, United States
Primary Category:
Secondary Category:
Mechanical Engineer
Job Type:
Full Time
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Mechanical Systems Inspector - Job ID#: 343086

NYC Parks manages over 30,000 acres, 14% of the city’s land, encompassing more than 5,000 individual properties. Our diverse set of assets includes recreational facilities, nature centers, historic buildings and structures, golf courses, athletic fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, public pools, comfort stations, retaining walls and nearly 14 miles of beaches.

In order to thoroughly understand the physical condition of these assets, allocate resources and plan accordingly, NYC Parks has established a new Capital Needs Assessment Team to perform proactive assessments of NYC Parks’ physical assets to determine their relative condition and capital needs. The ideal candidate for this position has the training and experience to adequately assess the physical condition and performance of mechanical systems and components, preferably with one to three years of engineering/construction experience. With meticulous attention to detail, the best candidate can multi-task, manage competing priorities and clearly communicate, verbally and in writing, observations and defects noted in the field.

NYC Parks offers competitive pay and a generous benefits package, including pension, excellent health benefits, competitive vacation/sick days and a healthy work-life balance. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. www.nyc.gov/parks 

•    Under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer, perform condition assessments of mechanical systems, including plumbing, HVAC and electrical, according to agency guidelines, inspection protocols and state and local regulations.
•    Conduct field inspections to identify defects at the system and component level, recommend interventions to improve overall asset condition and meet benchmark performance requirements. 
•    Prepare detailed reports to support condition assessment findings and certify inspection results against applicable building codes. Collect and capture additional asset information to build and improve upon the accuracy of Parks’ asset inventories.
•    Maintain inspection data for use with NYC Parks’ asset management software systems and analyze the data to identify trends and monitor effectiveness of agency’s proactive maintenance of its assets.
•    Engage in document research, investigations, studies, examinations and testing relating to the functions or activities of the Capital Needs Assessment Team. Collaborate with other Parks technical staff, including professional cost estimators, to calculate and support cost/benefit ratios for the purposes of project prioritization and long-term capital planning.

1.    A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college in mechanical engineering and one year of full-time satisfactory experience in mechanical engineering work; or 
2.    A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college and a Master's degree from an accredited college in mechanical engineering.
This position is exempt from NYC residency requirements.

1.    Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Photoshop.
2.    Knowledge of NYC design codes, local laws and other applicable regulations.
3.    Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
4.    Technical, detail-oriented, adept at conducting research and solving problems. 
5.    Driver license valid in New York State.
Salary: $60,000 - $70,000 plus excellent benefits. 

Apply by: 5/25/2018

For external applicants, please apply through www.nyc.gov/careers
1)    Go to www.nyc.gov/careers/search
2)    Search for Job ID#: 343086

For details about NYC Parks: www.nyc.gov/parks
References will be required upon request.




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