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Project Representative
Matador Project Solutions

Company Description

Matador Project  Solutions

Contact via Email:
Job Location:
Austin, TX, United States
Primary Category:
Construction Management
Secondary Category:
Project Manager
Job Type:
Full Time
Last Modified:
$65000.00 - $100000.00  year


Project Representative is needed for a growing consultancy located in Austin, Texas specializing in Owner’s Representation / Construction Management.

The professional Construction Management services concept has grown out of a universal recognition throughout the design and construction community that quality-focused, cost-effective, dispute- and injury-free project delivery does not occur without a deliberate commitment and effort to manage the project delivery process. The cost and complexity of today’s capital projects, the importance of time, and the need to deal with unanticipated events and unforeseen conditions all argue the need for an integrated and managed approach to planning, design, and construction of the built environment through more effective communication, reducing crises and fewer “surprises” for the owner.

Construction Management Advisor / Owners Representative apply professional, industry specific, management practices to construction projects from project inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost, scope and quality.

A Construction Management Advisor / Owners Representative is responsible for managing the pre-construction, design and construction aspects of a project in place of the owner. Many people hire a construction team to build a facility but are not familiar with the process of construction; as such, someone else must stand in their place in order to protect the Owner’s interests. This is what an Owner's Representative does. They will evaluate the progress of the construction project, manage the budget, solicit any additional bids and perform any other duties associated with the construction phase until the final project is complete.

Expertise applicable to virtually any project or program includes:

  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability
  • Land acquisition
  • Permitting
  • Financing
  • Cash flow management
  • Design acquisition and management
  • Constructability review
  • Budgeting & Cost estimating
  • Contracting and project delivery methods
  • Value engineering
  • Cost and schedule control
  • Contract administration
  • Document control
  • Construction inspection
  • Quality control
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution
  • Commissioning
  • Activation and Building Systems Education

Along with the above expertise, the Project Representative position will be responsible for creating documentation, scope of work, and the procurement of architectural, engineering, and construction services for a different project types including, Multi-Family, Retail, Hospitality, Office, Industrial, Medical and Educational.

The Project Representative hired should also be an outstanding leader with a track record of successful projects.

Construction Manager / Owners Representative Education Requirements:

The majority of Construction Managers hold bachelor's degrees. In addition, they possess strong leadership skills, can effectively interact with the workers under their lead and are skilled in analysis. Owner's Representatives receive moderate on-the-job training from the owners themselves relating to what their interests are and how the process should be undertaken. Complex problem-solving skills are also a necessity for handling the day-to-day crises that occur on a construction site.

Construction Manager Owners Representative Salary:

Owner's Representatives make an average of $90,000 per year with a starting salary near $65,000 and an upper limit of $125,000. The amount earned depends largely on the projects undertaken and the location of the project; construction sites that are vast in scope typically pay more because of the increased amount of work.

Responsibilities for the “ Project Representative ”:

Daily tasks include scheduling, milestone planning, complete review of plans and specifications, contract and agreement review, RFP/Q preparation, maintain communication protocols, meeting attendance, as well as ensuring project scope, schedule, and budget.

The following list of duties and responsibilities is not all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities, as management may deem necessary from time to time:

  • Assist in the development and management of the project strategic plans and program initiatives to meet the goals and needs of the Owner.
  • Manage and coordinate all aspects of the project, including the budget, schedule, operational needs, procedures, Client Standards, sustainability design, QA/QC program requirements, as well as individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Coordinate with the Architect, Contractor, and other project team members to meet the project objectives and resolve issues.
  • Assist in the documentation submission of statutory project documentation and approvals related to the project work.
  • Review, understand, and manage procedures for handling changes to the contract documents, monthly valuations, drawing submissions, change orders, substitutions, etc…
  • Document the status of the project, participate in all meetings and correspondence as a means to properly communicate within the project team and develop the project documents.

Other duties may include:

  • Scheduling
  • Milestone planning
  • Complete review of plans and specifications
  • Contract and agreement review
  • RFP/Q preparation for Contractors and Design Consultants
  • Contract negotiations
  • Maintain communication protocols
  • Meeting attendance
  • Ensuring project scope across all participants
  • Develop project Cost Opinions
  • Budget review
  • Value Engineering
  • Procurement of architectural, engineering, and construction services
  • Review construction specifications, utility standards, and complete drawing reviews
  • Complete project status reports addressing schedule, budget, safety, and any issues
  • Evaluate, negotiate and make recommendations regarding proposed change directives, and change orders

Requirements for the " Project Representative"

  • 8+ years’ of related Construction Project Management experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Construction Science or similar is preferred
  • Candidates must have experience managing projects in excess of $10M
  • Experienced with estimating and scheduling software applications.
  • Knowledge of construction with sustainable or renewable goods is preferred

Compensation & Benefits for the Project Representative :

Commensurate with Industry Standards.

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