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Engineering Development Program

Company Description

Dragados is a member of ACS Group’s Construction Division. ACS Group has earned worldwide recognition as an expert in the promotion, development, construction and management of infrastructures and services. The group shows a lasting commitment to contributing to the development of the countries in which it has a presence by bringing about improvements in their well-being and sustainable growth through:

• The development of infrastructures, civil engineering, industrial installations, energy plants, telecommunications systems and wastewater treatment plants;

• The provision of services for the purpose of the comprehensive management of urban, logistic and industrial infrastructures;

• Active participation in the sectors essential to the economic and social development of any developed country, such as infrastructures and energy.

An informational video can be viewed at - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EByeP2SLJM


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Job Location:
Entire State, NC
Entire State, VA
Primary Category:
Secondary Category:
Civil Engineer
Job Type:
Full Time
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The Dragados Engineering Development Program (EDP) is a structured training and advancement program that equips recent graduates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and peer networks to help them grow and succeed. The training and support provided through EDP helps graduates develop the required professional qualifications needed to deliver client projects to the very highest standards.

From day one, you will benefit from the opportunity to apply theory studied in the university setting into real life projects. This practical experience allows you to work across a range of different schemes, build client relationships, and understand the role you play in successful project delivery.

In addition, you will be assigned a mentor to guide you through the process and will also receive training on a number of different activities to help you develop skills outside of your daily work. These training sessions include topics such as time management, negotiation and presentation skills, business systems and processes, and commercial strategies.


Dragados Group is one of the construction arms of the ACS Group, which operates in 68 countries, and has consistently been ranked by Public Works Financing (PWF) as the leading concession group in the world. Dragados ranked 31st overall on the 2017 ENR 400 Contractor List. Founded in 1941, Dragados Group has unmatched international experience in infrastructure, bridge, highway, tunnel, dam and marine projects, and is a leader in alternative project delivery, including design-build projects for public and private owners. The company has built over 5,282 miles of highways, 3,107 miles of roads, 1,500 bridges, 840 miles of tunnels, 230 dams, 528 miles of railways, rail transit and numerous rail facilities, and airports.

To apply for the Engineering Development Program, candidates must meet the following requirements: ­

  • MAJORS: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Construction Management.
  • TECHNICAL KNOW HOW: Demonstrate basic proficiency with AutoCAD Primavera, have strong technical skills, and possess the ability to learn and apply new skills quickly and efficiently; Proficiency with Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel, and Outlook is needed;
  • GRADUATION DATE: Candidates must graduate by the start date. ­
  • RELOCATION AND TRAVEL: Candidates must be willing to relocate and travel as required by program ­



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