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Director of Design and Construction
Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation

Company Description

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) is a semi-autonomous public transit authority responsible for the planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and expansion of the city's fixed guideway system. HART is governed by a 10-member board composed of the state Department of Transportation director; the City Department of Transportation Services director; and six volunteers from the community: three appointed by the Mayor, three by the City Council. The director of the city Department of Planning and Permitting also serves as a non-voting member. The voting members appoint the tenth member to the board.

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Job Location:
Honolulu, HI, United States
Primary Category:
Construction Management
Secondary Category:
Project Director
Job Type:
Full Time
Last Modified:
$102192.00 - $156000.00  year


Director of Design and Construction



The Director of Design and Construction will provide leadership, direction and coordination that will advance the HART's goals and objectives. This person will be responsible for directing the final design and construction of the HART Rail project. This position operates at a key decision making level for engineering issues and requires interface on a routine basis with local officials, agencies and businesses. This person will direct the production of Preliminary Engineering Plans and arrangements with utilities for relocation. Ensures that the Preliminary Engineering Plans are conducted within the approved scope of work, budget and schedule for the project; and deliverables are accurate and complete. Reviews/Monitors projects for adherence to FTA requirements and compliance. Implements broad policy guidance for Project planning, design and construction management activities. Coordinates with Manager level personnel and key staff in financial management, project controls and procurement management to assure adequate support of department functions and to ensure that department operations are conducted within the bounds of budget and fiscal regulations, procurement requirements, and other laws, regulations, requirements and policies concerning general management operations. Reviews technical reports and administrative documents regularly, meets constantly with project management team to monitor long term efforts and to discuss the progress of individual projects (technical issues, cost control and a wide variety of other concerns); identifies and defines problems, analyzes options and decides on best course of action; then ensures coordination of action by/with subordinates, local governments and intergovernmental agencies, Federal regulatory agencies (e.g., FTA) and public interest groups.


  • BA/BS Degree in Engineering or related field.
  • Professional Engineering registration is required.
  • 15 years of experience in the management of large scale complex engineering and construction projects with participation by multiple agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Knowledge of executive management functions, policies and procedures and of supervisory principles, to manage the operations and programs of the Department and supervise subordinates.


TO APPLY, EMAIL RESUME TO: harthr@honolulu.gov



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