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Environmental Field Engineer
New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR)

Company Description

New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) - www.nyc.gov/parks

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Job Location:
New York, NY, United States
Primary Category:
Secondary Category:
Civil Engineer
Job Type:
Full Time
Last Modified:

New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) 

Environmental Field Engineer

•    Under general supervision lead a multi-disciplinary team of construction managers, project resident engineers and administrative staff in the successful completion of construction contracts. Working with engineers and project managers, assist with preparation of documents during the design phase.  Work with the project team to resolve design and construction issues as they emerge in a variety of conditions and situations. Prepare and review detailed internal reports on project progress schedules and budget.
•    Supervise contractors’ installation, inspection and/or testing operations at job sites and ensure compliance with permits, regulations and programs, including NYS Brownfield Cleanup, Environmental Restoration, Materials Management and Storm water Pollution Prevention.
•    Review and comment on consultants’ engineering reports, including work plans, health and safety plans, Construction Quality Assurance/Construction Quality Control (CQA/CQC) plans, change in landfill end use, construction certification reports and inspection reports. Ensure compliance with CQA/CQC measures and provide agency certification. Sign and seal engineering and other official documents necessary to certify the construction based on circumstances that may arise during construction.  This may include interim milestones. Assist with environmental permits preparation. 
•    Approve the design, inspection, construction, demolition and/or alteration of premises, installations and apparatus to ensure compliance with contract specifications and all relevant laws and regulations with respect to environmental projects.  
•    Serve as a liaison with government entities, private companies and groups and the general public during the construction phase of projects to ensure work can continue as scheduled.

This position is exempt from NYC residency requirements.
1.    A valid New York State license as a Professional Engineer.
2.    Demonstrated three or more years of experience with redevelopment of landfill or environmentally compromised properties. Substantial work experience in the area of construction, including scheduling and coordination of several projects simultaneously. 
3.    Excellent supervisory, communication, administrative and interpersonal skills.
4.    Three or more years’ experience with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations and procedures for waste management, environmental cleanups and work permits.
5.    Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel. 
6.    A driver license valid in New York State.

Salary: $95,000 - $100,000 plus excellent benefits

Apply By: 9/27/2019

Please apply through www.nyc.gov/careers
1)    Go to www.nyc.gov/careers/search
2)    Search for Job ID#: 409723 (Environmental Engineer)   OR    Job ID#: 409699 (Associate Project Manager)

For details about NYC Parks: www.nyc.gov/parks
References will be required upon request.



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