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Contract Manager
Lane Construction

Company Description

The Lane Construction Corporation is one of America’s leading construction companies, specializing in large, complex civil infrastructure. For nearly 130 years, it has contributed to the development of the country’s vast network of roads, highways, and bridges, including the Interstate Highway System. Lane also specializes in tunnels, metro and railway systems, as well as airports and water and wastewater treatment plants. The Lane Construction Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salini Impregilo U.S. Holdings, Inc.

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Job Location:
Renton, WA, United States
Seattle, WA
Primary Category:
Construction Management
Secondary Category:
Professional/Office Management/Other
Job Type:
Full Time
Last Modified:

The Contract Manager is a member of the onsite project management team and will assist the Project Director/Project Manager with the proper interpretation and management of both Client and subcontractor agreements.  The Contract Manager will provide advice, assistance and guidance to project management on project specific contractual matters and training to jobsite personnel on contract provisions.  The Contract Manager will be responsible for identifying issues, gathering data and developing documentation required to submit proper notice and requests for change orders/equitable adjustment for project related issues.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist Project Staff in management of the daily operations and issues of the project, including documentation of issues, preparation of notice letters, development of requests for equitable adjustment, negotiation of change orders, administration of subcontracts  and subcontractor payments according to the agreed terms and conditions, oversite of claim waiver process, development and oversite of time impact analyses for incorporation into the project schedule, training of onsite personnel and communication with Lane, and outside attorneys, and consultants as needed;
  • Contract Management, including the proper interpretation and implementation of the administrative requirements of the Prime Contract Documents with the Client and all subcontracts with subcontractors while ensuring Client and Subcontractor compliance with project specific contractual requirements;
  • Collect and organize any supporting documentation required to develop requests for equitable adjustment and claims;
  • Ability to gather issue data from the project, apply the Contract Manager’s understanding of contracting and the law to develop issue narratives and requests for equitable adjustment;
  • Assist in the development of Time Impact Analyses (TIA) to justify requests for additional time that will be incorporated into the project schedule;
  • Assist project personnel with preparing cost proposals for change orders;
  • Strategize, develop and assist with negotiation of requests for equitable adjustment and Claims;
  • Interaction with project controls and scheduling processes to develop and substantiate change requests;
  • Management of project specific Contractual Dispute Resolution Processes;
  • Conduct periodic issue meetings with both project personnel and Client to review and negotiate changes to the Contract;
  • Assist in the development and presentation of project specific training regarding the Lane Subcontract, Issue Awareness/Avoidance, Contract Clauses, False Claims and other legal matters;

Professional Qualifications:

  • 10 – 15 years in a similar role with a multinational construction company and with a strong heavy civil works construction background;
  • Full understanding and working knowledge of all aspects of the contracting process;
  • Full understanding and working knowledge of the construction process for the construction of complex heavy civil infrastructure projects;
  • Experience in key legal risk areas such as, but not limited to, Contractual Liability, Defective Performance and Warranty obligations;
  • Strong Commercial Management skills including the understanding of key commercial risks and the ability to lead project risk reviews and assessment processes throughout the duration of the project;
  • Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management or other relevant related degree preferred;
  • Good working knowledge of Construction Law;
  • Proficiency in English, both oral and written;
  • Strong communication, writing, and negotiation skills;


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