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03/25/15 ?New AGC President Says Future Depends on a Safe Workforce

The chairman of Linbeck talks about the hard choices in enforcing safety practices, the need to empower foremen and the search for craft leaders.
03/17/15 U.S. Spends Big for Outsourced Worker Services, But Contractor Workforce Size Is Still a Mystery

Congressional Budget Office data analysis of last decade can't determine the number of contracted employees.
03/10/15 Improving Safety, Business Skills on the Radar for IMPACT

The North American Ironworkers/IMPACT Labor-Management group reported progress on key safety and market expansion initiatives, and making signatory contractors more successful, said union President Walter Wise at late February conference in Las Vegas.
03/06/15 Construction Feb. Jobless Rate Down From 2014, 29,000 Jobs Added

Specialty trades firms, buildings contractors gain jobs but heavy-civil sector is down.
02/24/15 Lifting Experts Teach Online Course for Rigging Engineers

Rigging engineering is becoming high-risk work that requires knowledge transfer, experts say.
02/17/15 New Federal Contractor Rules Target Worker ‘Trafficking’

Firms must develop annual compliance plans, but experts see challenges in global supply chain enforcement
02/11/15 Welder Shortfall Fires Up Industry Training Programs to Work Overtime

America’s industrial-energy construction boom fuels the push for more welders with top skills
02/06/15 Construction January Jobless Rate Down From Year-Earlier Level

Industry gains 39,000 jobs, led by buildings construction, which added 19,500.
01/30/15 Fatal Collapses, Jobsite Safety Concerns Prompt Building Halt in Nairobi

Moritorium threatens jobs but follows two building accidents that killed eight in January; Chinese worker also dies in road jobsite assault
01/27/15 Firms Anticipate More Worker Shortages Ahead

Growing building trade union rosters could help fill need, unions say.
01/21/15 Beavers, Caterpillar Raise Education Funds

Cat has committed up to $1 million if members of the Beavers raise twice that amount, or $2 million, through 2017.
01/20/15 Contractor Cites Pension Fund Claim as Reason for Bankruptcy

Tennessee masonry contractor Wasco takes an unusual step in seeking protection during a messy disagreement over millions a union pension fund says the company owes.
01/14/15 Industry Executive Pay Drops 8% As Profits Decline, Says FMI

New survey shows biggest long-term compensation drop for business-unit chiefs and financial top execs
01/12/15 Construction Adds 48,000 Jobs as Year-End Jobless Rate Falls

Specialty trade contractors gained 25,500 jobs last month; heavy-civil firms picked up 11,600 and buildings sector added 10,800.
12/16/14 Global Practices Vary Greatly in Use of Migrant Construction Workers

Activists are escalating concerns about global labor exploitation on big projects, such as this estimated $27-billion cultural resort under way in the UAE; Singapore is paying contractors to adopt more labor-saving technology.
12/16/14 Workers Strike Chinese Firms in Namibia Over Job Hazards and Benefits Inequality

Workers claim they lack social security protections and are denied transportation allowances enjoyed by their Chinese counterparts.
12/15/14 MWH Engineer Expat Sues His Now Former Employer Over Family Saga in Qatar

Employee challenges firm's risk-prevention steps, but an international employment attorney says the situation was tough to 'predict on the front end.'
12/05/14 Construction Nov. Jobless Rate Up, But Workforce Grows by 20,000

Industry adds 20,000 jobs in November, led mostly by gains in residential sector.
12/02/14 Obama's Immigration Actions May Complicate I-9 Form Audits

If enforcement actions against employers involving form I-9 increased under the Obama Administration's new planned executive actions, employer compliance could become more complicated and risky.
11/18/14 Owners and Contractors Debate Labor Shortage Remedies At Texas Summit

Owners' group CURT will release its new targeted labor supply tool in December and an updated workforce risk mitigation white paper next February.
11/17/14 Construction Leads South Africa's Job Growth, Says Latest Report

Sector's employment gain helped push slight reduction in country's overall joblessness in the third quarter.
11/07/14 Construction October Jobless Rate Drops, as Workforce Rises by 12,000

Increase in jobs concentrated in specialty contractors, heavy-civil sectors, as buildings segment sheds positions.
11/04/14 Demand Hikes Pay for Most E&C Professionals, Says FMI Analysis

Marketers and field engineers gained most, but discretionary bonuses suffered with tanking profits in recesssions
10/22/14 AGC Survey Cites Worse Shortages and Added Quality Concerns

About 86% of Southern state respondents, mostly nonunion, report problems in finding adequately skilled craft workers.
10/15/14 Union-Employer Study Cites Marcellus Shale Construction Job Boom

Survey says region's oil and gas development has spawned 45,000 new jobs since 2008.
10/14/14 Pushback Against Chinese Workers Escalates in Africa

Kidnappings shed light on Chinese firms' heavy reliance on expatriates to keep projects on track, despite promises to hire more locals.
10/14/14 Bad Boss Relationship Spurs Most Turnover, AEC Survey Reports

Morrissey-Goodale study pins 24% of key hire departures to difficulties with bosses, but also cites several other turnover catalysts.
10/08/14 Improving Sector Buoys Commercial Real Estate Women

CREW Network President Judith Nitsch, an engineering firm exec (left), queries potential 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton on womens' risk-taking and role in the economy at Miami conference.
10/03/14 Construction Sept. Unemployment Rate Falls as Industry Gains 16,000 Jobs

The industry's September jobless rate was 7%, down from August's 7.7% and well below September 2013's 8.5%
09/16/14 Contractors Turning Down Work Due to Labor Shortages, Says AGC Survey
About 13% of survey respondents note "significant" hikes in craft labor salaries.
09/05/14 Construction August Jobless Rate Up Slightly, But Industry Gains Jobs

Industry rate rises to 7.7% from 7.5% in July, but is better than August 2013's 9.1% level.
09/03/14 Union-Backed Study Documents Impacts of Misclassified Workers in California

The state’s unreported and misclassified construction work increased by 400% from 1972 to 2012.
09/03/14 Via Executive Order, Obama Pushes for Ethical Contracting

Industry groups say the mandate for contractors to disclose worker violations would create compliance nightmares if fully enacted.
09/02/14 National Park Service Taps CM Students For Idaho Site Restoration

Boise State University class members managed design-build of former Japanese internment camp project; owner may rehire them for more work.
08/30/14 Jurisdictional Dispute: Which Trade Installs Solar Panels?

An argument broke out over installation at a San Mateo, Calif. school project despite a union project labor agreement.
08/26/14 URS Unit Must Remedy Actions Against Hanford Whistle-Blower, Say Feds

U.S. Labor Dept says firm may have violated whistle-blower protections and orders back pay and reinstatement; URS has until Sept. 19 to appeal.
08/20/14 Uncivil Engineering? Broad Study Explores What Pushes Women to Leave the Field

National Science Foundation-funded analysis of 5,300 women engineers by University of Wisconsin researchers cites cultural barriers that are not just "womens' issues."
08/13/14 CII Identifies Attributes Most Related to Project Success

Working relationships and team dynamics have emerged as the leading variables affecting the cost and schedule of industrial project, research shows.
08/12/14 Ebola Halts Some Construction Projects in West Africa

Some expats are evacuated from affected countries, but most owners and contractors are boosting safety procedures and monitoring the vitus's spread.
08/01/14 Construction Jobless Rate Dips Again in July, Industry Adds 22K Jobs

Specialty trade contractors sector led the July jobs gains, adding 13,900.
07/30/14 Contractors Groups Praise New U.S. Job Training Law

Law will make it easier for more union, and non-union, employers to create and participate in craft apprenticeship programs.
07/29/14 Big South Africa Workers' Strike Settlement Ends Month of Construction Sector Disruption

Walkout over wages and terms by 200,000 manufacturing workers had halted materials shipments to key power plant sites.
07/22/14 Grassroots Approaches Aim to Boost Construction Industry Image

Early-education programs, hands-on building museums and construction theme parks offer kids experience with possible construction careers.
07/15/14 Viewpoint: Firms Need Millennials Now More than Ever

Young professionals have skills rooted in entrepreneurship, technology, and collaboration—skills that can help counter some of the sector’s emerging challenges.
07/07/14 Construction June Unemployment Rate Down As Industry Adds 6,000 Jobs

Buildings sector sets pace, adding 6,600 jobs, but heavy-civil construction sheds 700.
07/02/14 Contractor Launches Kid-Friendly Construction Equipment Amusement Park in N.J.

Diggerland USA, modeled after U.K. enterprise, cultivates next-gen industry interest as families ride and operate revamped excavators, backhoes, skid steer loaders and other machinery.
06/24/14 Bucknell University Reaps ‘Success’ As Engineering Mentor Program Produces First Grads

Industry-sponsored booster for diverse students at elite private university offers skillbuilding, community and connection to industry career possibilities.
06/17/14 'Robot' Welders As Labor Boost On Tappan Zee Bridge Piles Spur Controversy

Open-shop contractors say project labor pact limits pool, but unions point to job-size demands and changing requirements.
06/17/14 Self-Advocacy is Key Strategy for Women in Construction

CBRE chief Mary Ann Tighe and other construction executives share best practices for women to get to the "higher reaches" of industry careers at June 12 ENR conference in New York City.
06/11/14 Construction Week: Industry Unemployment Rate Continues to Shrink; Pres. Obama Signs $12B WRRDA Bill

President Obama signs into law new $12.3-billion Water Resources Reform and Development Act.
06/06/14 Construction May Unemployment Rate Drops, Industry Gains 6,000 Jobs

Heavy-civil sector and residential specialty trades each added 3,200 jobs, but nonresidential buildings and nonresidential specialty firms posted small losses.
06/04/14 Carnegie-Mellon U. Graduate Program Fast Tracks Future Innovators

School's year old Integrated Innovation Institute blends engineering, design and business; participants tackle corporate projects and social issues.
05/30/14 Ruling Restores Order to Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation

A state appeals court overturned a lower court decision from 2012 that effectively ended the old system of dividing up risk and liability between subs, generals and insurers in the state.
05/28/14 Alberta Weighs Pro-Union Push

Officials say anticipated labor code changes would boost construction stability, but nonunion advocates say they fail to acknowledge growing market competition.